Gorgeous Astronauts


A gorgeous set of astronauts in space for a fun feature wall. There are 6 big astronauts 1. 65cm high x 42cm wide, 2. 53cm high x 36cm wide, 3. 35cm high x 93cm wide, 4. 48cm high x 42cm wide, 5.  62cm high x 39cm wide & 6. 70cm high x 35cm wide. There are 36 stars of varying sizes & 24 circles to finish off the design.


This gorgeous astronauts vinyl wall sticker features a captivating and delightful set of astronauts floating in space, making it an ideal choice for a fun and eye-catching feature wall in any room. The design includes a total of 6 big astronauts, each with their own unique size and dimension:

  1. The first astronaut measures 65cm in height and 42cm in width.
  2. The second astronaut is 53cm tall and 36cm wide.
  3. The third astronaut stands at 35cm tall and stretches 93cm wide.
  4. The fourth astronaut is 48cm high and 42cm wide.
  5. The fifth astronaut measures 62cm in height and 39cm in width.
  6. The sixth astronaut stands at an impressive 70cm tall and 35cm wide.

Additionally, the gorgeous astronauts design is further enhanced with 36 stars of varying sizes, adding a touch of celestial charm to the composition. Furthermore, there are 24 circles included to add a finishing touch to the overall aesthetic.

To cater to individual preferences, custom orders are available, and certain aspects of the design can be altered, such as size and color. This means customers have the flexibility to request changes that suit their specific needs.

We offer shipping throughout South Africa and ensures safe delivery by packaging the vinyl wall sticker in a sturdy tube.

With its combination of charming astronauts, stars, and circles, this vinyl wall sticker promises to add a touch of wonder and playfulness to any space it graces.