Love Bugs


The love bug print features a collection of smaller bugs with the word LOVE BUG. This design is printed on 300gsm card & can be printed in A4; A3; A2 & A1.

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These Love Bugs are beautiful and intricate artworks that depict various bugs and insects in a delicate and artistic manner. These prints with the word “love bug,” are unique and charming pieces that capture the essence of these fascinating creatures. The words refers to a creative expression of affection combined with the beauty of bugs in the artwork.

The Love Bugs print features a collection of smaller bugs with the word LOVE BUG.  Crafted with attention to detail and bursting with vibrant colors, our  Prints will infuse your space with a touch of magic. Let these delightful artworks crawl into your heart and fill your home with the joy of love bugs!”Pair it with the love big bee or love bug dragon fly to create a beautiful feature design.

Crafted with love and printed on high-quality, 300gsm card, our ‘Love Bug’ print is the ideal gift for bug enthusiasts, for  nursery wall or classroom design, Hang these heartwarming artworks on your walls to infuse your living spaces with joy and affection, spreading the message that even the littlest bugs can bring the biggest love!”

Design can be printed in A4; A3; A2 & A1 size.

Add your own frame to finish off your room design. Certain aspects can be changed, such as size and colour, so feel free to let us know if you would like us to quote on any changes. Items are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.


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A3 29,7cm x 42cm, A4 21cm x 29,7cm, A1 59,5cm x 84,1cm, A2 42cm x 59,5cm