Retro Surf Poster


This Retro Surf Poster showcases a stunning retro-style old school surfing poster, complete with a weathered look and knarly feel.



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Transform your teenager’s room into a paradise of endless summer days surfing with our trendy Retro Surf Poster. This artistic wall decor piece showcases a stunning retro-style poster , complete with a weathered look and old school feel . Let their imagination wander as they envision themselves surfing along the sandy shores, feeling the gentle ocean breeze on their skin. This poster is the perfect addition to their room, reflecting their love for surfing and adventure while adding a touch of retro charm. Create a serene atmosphere and let them escape to days gone by from the comfort of their own space. Make a statement and capture the essence of surfing with our artistic Retro Surf Poster, a must-have for any teenager seeking to bring the love of surfing into their room. Elevate their room’s aesthetics and embrace the tranquility of summer nights with this captivating wall decor piece.

This gorgeous Retro Surf Poster is printed on 200gsm card. Design can be printed in A1, A2 or A3 size.

The Poster is awesome for a Teens room & is shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.


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A3 29,7cm x 42cm, A4 21cm x 29,7cm, A1 59,5cm x 84,1cm, A2 42cm x 59,5cm, Cool A3 29,7cm x 42cm