Submarine & Sea Animals


Create an under the sea theme, with this gorgeous bold design. The whole design is 2,75m wide and 2m tall if set up as per the image. The submarine is 106cm wide x 79cm tall. There are 2 pieces of green seaweed 33cm tall & 41cm tall.  The 19 fish all vary in size – biggest one is 32cm high x 7cm wide & the smallest one is 5cm high x 9cm wide  & the turtle is 50cm wide x 27cm high. The stingray is 55cm wide x 51cm high & the the crab is 35cm wide x 28cm high. The octopus is 50cm wide x 47cm high & the whale is  70cm wide x 84cm high. There are lots of bubbles to finish off the design…  a stunning idea for a feature wall in your child’s bedroom or babies nursery


Introducing Our Submarine & Sea Animals Vinyl Wall Stickers Set: Dive into an Enchanting Underwater World!

Unleash your child’s imagination and transform their space into a captivating under the sea adventure with our Submarine & Sea Animals vinyl wall stickers set. This exquisite and vibrant design is the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery, creating a whimsical underwater realm that will captivate their senses.

The entire design spans an impressive 2.75 meters in width and 2 meters in height, making it a remarkable centerpiece for any room. When arranged as shown in the image, it instantly transports your child to a vibrant undersea paradise. The submarine, a remarkable 106cm wide by 79cm tall, anchors the composition, bringing a sense of exploration and discovery.

Accompanying this charming submarine are two pieces of lush green seaweed, each measuring 33cm and 41cm tall, which lend a touch of realism and depth to the scene.

A school of 19 delightful fish in an array of sizes add movement and life to the underwater tableau. From the majestic 32cm high by 7cm wide largest fish to the adorable 5cm high by 9cm wide smallest fish, each character adds its own unique charm to the underwater tapestry.

A gentle and friendly turtle, measuring an impressive 50cm wide by 27cm high, glides gracefully through the water, while a magnificent stingray, stretching 55cm wide by 51cm high, adds an element of intrigue and elegance.

A playful crab, measuring 35cm wide by 28cm high, scuttles along the ocean floor, and a curious octopus, with its sprawling 50cm wide by 47cm high form, invites your child to discover its hidden mysteries.

Crowning this enchanting underwater display is a majestic whale, a breathtaking 70cm wide by 84cm high, lending a sense of grandeur and wonder to the scene.

We understand that every space is unique, and we offer the flexibility to customize certain aspects of the design. Alterations in size and color are available upon request, allowing you to tailor the set to perfectly match your room’s aesthetic.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our vinyl wall stickers are designed to adhere seamlessly to any smooth surface. Each order is custom-printed and takes up to 5 working days to complete, ensuring that your set is created with care and precision.

We proudly ship our creations throughout South Africa, carefully packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure your order arrives in pristine condition.

Immerse your child in a world of imagination and exploration with our Submarine & Sea Animals vinyl wall stickers set. Create a striking underwater theme that sparks creativity and wonder, making bedtime a truly magical experience. Embrace the adventure today!