Nemo & Little Mermaid Sea Theme


Create an under the sea Nemo & Little Mermaid theme, with this gorgeous design. Nemo is 38cm wide x 28cm high, Dory 41cm wide x 36cm high, Crush the turtle 68cm wide x 38cm high, Squirt the turtle 48cm wide x 49cm high, Marlin 47cm wide x 40cm high, Peach the starfish 26cm wide x 29cm high, Sebastion the crab 33cm wide x 51cm high, Little Mermaid 60cm wide x 58cm high & Flounder the fish 29cm wide x 27cm high. There are bubbles, rocks & seaweed. This design will make a stunning feature wall in your child’s bedroom or babies nursery.


Our captivating vinyl wall sticker features an enchanting  Nemo & Little Mermaid Sea theme. This delightful design brings together beloved characters from the deep blue ocean, creating a mesmerizing scene that will transform any child’s bedroom or nursery into an underwater wonderland.

The sticker includes meticulously detailed illustrations of various characters and elements, carefully designed to bring life to your walls. Nemo, the lovable clownfish, measures 38cm wide x 28cm high, while his witty friend Dory stretches 41cm wide x 36cm high. You’ll find Crush the turtle majestically swimming at 68cm wide x 38cm high, and Squirt the turtle playfully riding the waves at 48cm wide x 49cm high. Marlin, Nemo’s cautious father, appears at 47cm wide x 40cm high, adding depth to the sea-themed design.

The adorable Peach the starfish extends its arms at 26cm wide x 29cm high, while Sebastian the crab strikes a charming pose at 33cm wide x 51cm high. Of course, the beautiful Little Mermaid herself takes center stage at 60cm wide x 58cm high, capturing the imagination of anyone who gazes upon her. Accompanying her is Flounder the fish, playfully swimming at 29cm wide x 27cm high.

But that’s not all! The design also features an array of vibrant bubbles, adding a touch of magic and whimsy. A scattering of rocks and seaweed creates a realistic and immersive underwater atmosphere, making your child’s room feel like an authentic ocean adventure.

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we offer customizable options for size and color. If you’d like to tailor the design to perfectly suit your space, feel free to request a quote for any modifications you desire.

Please note that custom orders may require up to 5 working days to complete, as we dedicate time and attention to crafting the perfect product. Rest assured, your vinyl wall sticker will be securely shipped to your address in South Africa, thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe arrival.

Elevate your child’s imagination and create a captivating underwater world with our  Nemo & Little Mermaid Sea theme Vinyl Wall Sticker. Dive into a world of wonder, where the magic of the ocean comes to life on your walls!