Watercolour Under The Sea


Create an under the sea theme, with this gorgeous watercolour design. The whole design is 3,5m wide and 1,5m tall if set up as per the image.

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Our captivating Watercolour Under The Sea Vinyl Wall Stickers is a masterpiece that brings the enchanting depths of the ocean right into your space. Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing undersea world with this exquisite watercolour design that spans 3.5 meters in width and 1.5 meters in height, as illustrated in the image.

Dive into a vibrant aquatic scene where a majestic whale takes center stage, measuring 61cm in width and 50cm in height. The undersea flora is represented by an array of seaweed and coral pieces that add a burst of color and dimension. Three elegant green seaweed strands, each 35cm tall, sway gently alongside two crimson red seaweed pieces standing at 27cm tall. A captivating blue seaweed strand, 30cm in height, complements the underwater ensemble, while two charming red coral formations, 24cm in height, complete the natural beauty.

Adorning this lively aquatic landscape are an assortment of marine creatures that lend a touch of whimsy and wonder. Four playful fish, each with its unique size, grace the scene. The largest fish measures 36cm in height and 37cm in width, while the smallest measures 26cm in both height and width. Two endearing turtles, one measuring 35cm in width and 20cm in height, and the other 22cm in width and 27cm in height, add a touch of serenity to the composition.

A trio of ethereal jellyfish, varying in size, delicately float through the underwater tapestry. The first jellyfish stands at 29cm in height and 20cm in width, the second at 30cm in height and 22cm in width, and the third at 34cm in height and 12cm in width. Two enchanting seahorses, measuring 13cm in width and 30cm in height, and 10cm in width and 20cm in height, dance gracefully among the underwater flora.

A charming crab, 13cm in width and 30cm in height, adds a touch of quirkiness, while two whimsical octopuses, one measuring 29cm in width and 31cm in height, and the other 24cm in width and 27cm in height, exude an air of mystique. Four splendid starfish, two in radiant red, each measuring 12cm in width and 10cm in height, and two in cheerful yellow, measuring 17cm in width and 15cm in height, complete this breathtaking scene.

Elevate your child’s bedroom or baby’s nursery with this awe-inspiring design, transforming an ordinary wall into a captivating undersea paradise. Our custom orders offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor the size and color scheme to your preferences. Please note that custom orders may take up to 5 working days for completion, as each piece is meticulously printed just for you.

Embark on an enchanting journey beneath the waves, and let the spirit of the ocean infuse your living space. Our items are thoughtfully packaged and shipped throughout South Africa in a robust tube to ensure they reach you in pristine condition. Elevate your decor with the Watercolour Under The Sea Vinyl Wall Sticker – a tribute to the beauty and allure of the underwater world.