Cute Sea Theme


Create an under the sea theme, with this gorgeous design. The whole design is 140cm wide and 70 cm tall if set up as per the image.   The whale is 25cm wide x 20cm tall; submarine is 25cm wide x 19cm tall; boat is 24cm wide x 23cm tall; anchor is 16cm wide x 19cm high; octupus is 30cm wide x 29cm tall; crab is 18cm wide x 17cm tall; turtle is 25cm wide x 18cm tall & the hermit crab is 25cm wide x 18cm tall. Seaweed 1 is 19 cm tall  x 12cm wide; Seaweed 2 is 13 cm tall  x 18cm wide & seaweed 3 is 13 cm tall  x 14cm wide. Jellyfish 1 is 20 cm tall  x 8cm wide; Jellyfish 2 is 12 cm tall  x 7cm wide & Jellyfish 3 is 8 cm tall  x 9cm wide. There are 2 yellow fish 14cm wide x 13cm high; 11 orange fish; 3 shells and 1 starfish.

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Dive into a captivating underwater world with our cute Sea Theme Vinyl Wall Sticker! Measuring an impressive 140cm in width and 70cm in height, this stunning design transforms any space into a mesmerizing undersea paradise.

At the heart of this picturesque scene, a charming whale gracefully swims through the deep blue waters. With dimensions of 31cm wide by 25cm tall, the whale becomes the centerpiece of your aquatic haven. Just a short distance away, a whimsical submarine measuring 25cm in width and 19cm in height adds an element of mystery and exploration to the scene.

As you continue your journey, a playful boat sails across the horizon, its 24cm width and 23cm height capturing the spirit of adventure. Nearby, a majestic anchor rests on the ocean floor, its impressive 16cm width and 19cm height exuding a sense of stability and strength.

Inhabitants of the deep sea make their presence felt as well. An exquisite octopus spreads its arms, spanning 30cm in width and 29cm in height. A delightful crab scuttles along with dimensions of 18cm width and 17cm height, while a graceful turtle glides through the water, measuring 25cm in width and 18cm in height. A hermit crab finds its cozy corner, boasting dimensions of 25cm width and 18cm height.

Adding to the undersea charm, a trio of seaweed varieties sway gently in the ocean currents. Seaweed 1 stands at 19cm tall and 12cm wide, Seaweed 2 reaches 13cm in height and 18cm in width, and Seaweed 3 boasts dimensions of 13cm in height and 14cm in width.

Amongst the marine wonders, elegant jellyfish dance with grace. Jellyfish 1 glows at 20cm tall and 8cm wide, Jellyfish 2 undulates at 12cm tall and 7cm wide, and Jellyfish 3 shimmers at 8cm tall and 9cm wide.

As you explore this captivating world, you’ll encounter vibrant fish darting through the water. Two cheerful yellow fish, each 14cm wide and 13cm high, add a burst of color. Eleven playful orange fish create a lively atmosphere, while three delicate shells and a charming starfish complete the scene, offering subtle touches of natural beauty.

With its meticulous attention to detail and exquisite design elements, this Sea Theme Vinyl Wall Sticker transforms any space into a delightful undersea wonderland, bringing the magic of the ocean right into your home. Dive in and let your imagination swim!