Teddy with a dandelion


A super cute design of a teddy bear holding  a dandelion. The teddy  is 100cm tall x 53cm wide. The whole design is 2,1m wide x 1,5m high of placed as per the image.

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A super cute design of a teddy with a dandelion. The  Teddy holding a dandelion wall sticker adds a touch of whimsy to any room.  The teddy is 100cm tall x 53cm wide. The whole design is 2,1m wide x 1,5m high if placed as per the image.

It captures the heartwarming essence of this beloved blue teddy bear character. At the center of the sticker, Teddy is standing, looking adorable as always with its signature grey fur and pink nose. The bear is holding  the dandelion delicately, as if cherishing the simple beauty of nature’s gift. The dandelion would be portrayed in grey tufts, with seeds gently floating away, symbolizing hope, wishes, and dreams.

To enhance the cuteness factor, the expression on Teddy’s face is endearing. The overall effect of this wall sticker is charming and a heartwarming addition to a nursery. Its sweet depiction of this Teddy and the dandelion would remind anyone who sees it to appreciate the beauty of simple moments and the joy of sharing love and warmth with those around them.

This heartwarming and cute wall sticker of Tatty Teddy holding a dandelion would be perfect for a child’s bedroom, a nursery, or any space where you want to bring in a touch of sweetness and innocence. It not only adds a decorative element but also exudes a sense of love and warmth that is sure to brighten up your day every time you see it.

Certain aspects can be changed, such as size and colour, so feel free to let us know if you would like us to quote on any changes. Items are shipped all over South Africa in a sturdy tube.