Grey & White Dino Pattern


A gorgeous grey & white dino pattern… Dinosaur 1 is 50cm tall & 33cm wide; Dinosaur 2 is 45cm tall & 30cm wide; Dinosaur 3 is 35cm tall & 32cm wide; Dinosaur 4 is 30cm tall & 37cm wide; Dinosaur 5 is 18cm tall & 37cm wide; Dinosaur 6 is 18cm tall & 45cm wide; Dinosaur 7 is 25cm tall & 51cm wide & Dinosaur 8 is 15cm tall & 48cm wide. This design will pair beautifully with the Grey Dino Border & the Big Dino.

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The vinyl wall sticker pattern is a stunning grey and white dino pattern. It features eight different dinosaurs, each with its own unique size and shape: Dinosaur 1: 50cm tall and 33cm wide; Dinosaur 2: 45cm tall and 30cm wide; Dinosaur 3: 35cm tall and 32cm wide; Dinosaur 4: 30cm tall and 37cm wide; Dinosaur 5: 18cm tall and 37cm wide; Dinosaur 6: 18cm tall and 45cm wide; Dinosaur 7: 25cm tall and 51cm wide & Dinosaur 8: 15cm tall and 48cm wide. The dino’s can be placed randomly on a wall, spread over 2 walls or can be placed to create a pattern.

The grey and white dino pattern is playful and appealing, perfect for a children’s room or any dinosaur enthusiast’s space. It is versatile and can go well with other dinosaur-themed decorations, such as the Grey Dino Border and the Big Dino.

If customers want to customize the design, they can request changes in size or color. The customization process might take up to 7 working days as the stickers are printed specifically for each order, ensuring a unique and personalized result.

The vinyl wall stickers are packaged securely in a sturdy tube, and the company ships them all over South Africa.