Muted Dinosaurs


A great design for the dinosaur crazy child! These dino’s come as separate stickers so can be dotted around the wall as required. The 6 dinosaur’s are 43cm x 28cm; 46cm x 29cm; 49cm x 24cm; 31cm x 50cm; 43cm x 33cm & 37cm x 36cm. There are 15 footprints, 4 rocks & 2 BE WILD signs.

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This Muted Dinosaurs vinyl wall sticker is a perfect choice for children who love dinosaurs. The design features six adorable dinosaur stickers that can be placed separately on the wall, allowing for creative arrangements to suit any desired layout. The dimensions of the individual dinosaurs are as follows: Dinosaur 1: 43cm x 28cm; Dinosaur 2: 46cm x 29cm; Dinosaur 3: 49cm x 24cm; Dinosaur 4: 31cm x 50cm; Dinosaur 5: 43cm x 33cm & Dinosaur 6: 37cm x 36cm. The muted tones creates a calm, feel good tone in your child’s room. The dinosaurs are super cute – have a look at the images for a close up look of how cute they are.

Additionally, the Muted Dinosaurs set includes 15 footprints, 4 rocks, and 2 “BE WILD” signs, adding more elements to create an exciting and dynamic scene on the wall.

For customization options, customers can request changes to size and color. If you want something different from the standard design, you can contact us to get a quote for your specific requirements. However, please note that custom orders might take up to 5 working days to complete, as each order is printed on demand.

Shipping is available throughout South Africa, and the items will be delivered in a sturdy tube, ensuring that they reach you in excellent condition.