Pirate Ship


A cute pirate ship design to compliment a pirate themed bedroom! It can be used with the pirate border.

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Introducing the Pirate Ship Wall Sticker Set – Perfect for Your Pirate-Themed Bedroom!

Turn your child’s bedroom into a captivating pirate’s paradise with this delightful wall sticker set featuring a pirate ship, palm tree, clouds, birds, sun, and a playful shark. Whether they dream of sailing the high seas or hunting for treasure on a remote island, this design will transport them to a world of pirate adventure.

Product Details:

  • Pirate Ship: The centerpiece of this set is the adorable pirate ship, measuring 50cm x 50cm. It’s sure to become the focal point of your pirate-themed decor, inspiring countless imaginative adventures.
  • Additional Elements: To complete the pirate paradise, this set also includes:
    • Smaller Pirate Ship: 26cm wide x 34cm high
    • Palm Tree: 37cm high x 25cm wide
    • 2 Fluffy Clouds
    • 2 Playful Birds
    • 1 Cheerful Sun
    • 1 Friendly Shark
  • Customization: We understand that personalization is important. If you’d like to make any changes in terms of size or colour to perfectly match your room’s aesthetics, please let us know. We’re here to bring your vision to life and will provide a personalized quote for any modifications you desire.
  • Production Time: Custom orders are crafted with care and typically take up to 5 working days to complete, ensuring they fit your space perfectly.
  • Shipping: We offer reliable shipping services across South Africa, and your wall sticker set will be securely packaged in a sturdy tube to ensure its safe arrival.

Set sail for pirate adventure with the “Pirate Wall Sticker Set. This whimsical and imaginative design will not only transform your room but also ignite your child’s love for all things pirate.

Create an immersive and inspiring pirate-themed environment that your child will absolutely adore. Order the Pirate Ship Wall Sticker Set today and let their pirate dreams come to life!